Nebraska Hygienists’ Political Action Committee

NE HYPAC is a separate organization from NDHA and was formed as a political action committee. The objective of the PAC is to raise money that is used to contribute to various legislators, campaigns, particularly those that are sympathetic to the issues of our profession.

Political action committees are a fact of political life. Those legislators that we support financially are those that we count as friends of Dental Hygiene and we look to ensure their viability in the legislature.

You are aware that not only within Nebraska, but nationwide, Dental Hygiene is being challenged – educational standards, scope of practice issues, access to care issues, protection of our profession and more every day.

In order to maintain and improve the standards of our profession and protect the public we serve, it is imperative that we are visible within the legislative arena and that means political action and money! We encourage you to get involved with the political scene – both at a state level and at your own local level. Making friends within the political arena is imperative to advancing our agenda. Get involved with local campaigns, stuff envelopes, man telephones; join your local political clubs, county women’s clubs. Let people know you are a Registered Dental Hygienist and tell them your issues.

Aside from involvement, continued support is vital to legislative success. Please take five minutes, complete the application and become a member of NE HYPAC. Annual dues are $20.00 and the entire dues amount goes to advancing our agenda. NO administrative costs are incurred by the PAC as it is purely a volunteer organization.

You do not need to be a member of NDHA to contribute.