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Nebraska Dental Hygiene Initiative (NDHI)

Looking for ways to fund your newest public health endeavors? The Nebraska Dental Hygiene Initiative (NDHI), a 501©3 subsidiary company of NDHA, has been formed to allow RDH’s across the State of Nebraska to apply for grant opportunities to practice in public health settings and healthcare facilities as stated in the dental hygiene statutes.

The Nebraska Dental Hygiene Initiative (NDHI) corporation was founded in 2007 with the goal of expanding opportunities for dental hygienists. NDHI is recognized as a 501(c)3 under the IRS Code with the purpose of receiving grants, donations, contributions and the application of funds. This corporation can accept cash gifts, stocks, mutual bonds and funds. NDHI is a subsidiary corporation under NDHA, but by law is organized differently than NDHA.


“Creating Opportunities for Dental Hygienists Through Scholarships and Service”

Each and everyone of us in the profession of dental hygiene has experienced the high cost of a college education. So it’s no surprise to most of us that the cost of tuition continually increases year after year. Wouldn’t it have been wonderful to have received scholarship money to help pay those tuition bills back when you were a student? Here at NDHI, our goal is to provide scholarship opportunities for those beginning their college education…as well as those returning to obtain a masters degree or doctoral degree.

NDHI is still in the infancy stage of building a treasury with a goal of having enough principal to pay out a few scholarships on a yearly basis. But we need your help to build our treasury. When you make a gift to the Nebraska Dental Hygiene Initiative, your contribution will be put to work “Creating opportunities for dental hygienists through scholarships and service.” Almost any asset of value can be donated as an outright current-use gift: Cash gifts are the easiest type of gift and can be made through cash, personal checks, cashier’s checks, or money orders made payable to NDHI. Gifts of appreciated securities, such as stocks, mutual funds and bonds support NDHI’s mission while providing immediate tax benefits to you. Planned gifts, such as matching gift programs and pledges, are another way to donate to NDHI. And in many cases, a tax credit will apply to those making a donation.

Many practicing hygienists in our state are nearing retirement age. NDHI would like to encourage you to remember us as you begin this stage of life. Recurring gifts can help sustain your impact through regular and consistent contributions to NDHI. Today’s banking options make it easy…You can set up your account to be charged a certain amount monthly or yearly directly into NDHI’s account.

We do hope you will remember NDHI in your gift giving plans via your estate, will or in memory of a loved one. I can attest for the family’s who have lost family members who were dental hygienists, they were very touched knowing their loved one’s colleagues (dental hygienists) remembered them and honored them by making a memorial contribution to NDHI.

Your gift giving of any size does make a difference. Thank you for your consideration in making a donation to NDHI. Through your support, many students will be given an opportunity to reduce their financial burden in their chosen career of dental hygiene.

NDHA…is keeping you informed and YOU…must keep NDHA informed…

NDHA has sponsored continuing education courses in NE component areas entitled “Putting New Legislation Into Practice” and “Grant Writing Opportunities for the Dental Hygienist”.

Please keep NDHA informed of grant applications and new endeavors on your behalf regarding our new scope of practice allowing dental hygienists the ability to provide select services in a healthcare facility or public health setting. We invite you to share your successes with us!!

NDHA would like to feature hygienists who are reaching out to the underserved and unserved areas in Nebraska in our Nebraskaland Explorer newsletter. If you are practicing with the NE public health permit, please contact Annette Byman so we can include you in a future newsletter article.

Application for NDHI Scholarship

(Open to ALL Junior students from IWCC, CCC, UNMC-Lincoln and UNMC-Western Division) Applications must be sent in by midnight on February 15th of each year. If there are any questions, please feel free to call the NDHA Office at 402-421-2356 or email at staff@nedha.org.

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Help Support the Future of Dental Hygiene!


Once a donation has been made on your behalf, a letter is sent to the family indicating that such donation was made. We do not share the dollar amount donated, simply that a donation in memory of their loved one was made by you.

Prefer to mail in your donation?

Make your financial gift payable to NDHI and mail to: Annette Byman, 6019 S 182nd Ave., Omaha, NE 68135.


For more information, please contact Annette Byman: 402-201-4219 or annettebyman@icloud.com. Questions can be directed to Annette Byman, NDHI Executive Director.