Fall Session

2020 NDHA Fall Session
October 16-17, 2020



October 16, 2020  - -  1 PM to 4 PM (CST)

Session 1 - Namaste In My Op   (3 hours)
A career in dentistry is STRESSFUL! Learn to achieve your personal & professional  wellness full-circle as it starts with you, applies to the clinical setting and can change the outcome and approach to patient care. Delve into YOUR personal stress profile and learn tools to modify and adapt to it in an interactive, fun and relatable course. Predict your patients before they dictate the outcome of an appointment, and provide them with the tools necessary to combat their own stress. Better yet, learn to avoid the stress a patient can bring upon us! Lastly, review the clinical tools that keep making the career of a dental hygienist more stress-free!


  • Understand the different types and physiological components of stress as well as effects on the oral cavity
  • Understand self-care methods to prevent burnout
  • Learn to adapt practice approaches for the anxious patient
  • Utilize clinical technologies to provide a more comfortable patient experience and relive provider stress

October 17, 2020  - -  9 AM to 12 PM    (CST)

Session 2 - Clinical Competence: Past The 'Prophy'    (3 hours)
We all know well the typical outline of a hygiene recare appointment - radiographs, scaling, OHI, reappoint - but we also know there are many new practice methods that can completely change the outline of the hygiene appointment reflecting protocols 'Past the Prophy'. Take a step closer to practicing as an Elite Clinician!


  • Review the typical outline of a hygiene recare appointment and how long it has
    remained unchanged
  • Learn new technologies and protocols that will allow you to restructure the hygiene appointment for better patient compliance and outcomes
  • Understand 'why' a clinical practice shift is necessary for advancing towards total
    systemic health

October 17, 2020  - -  1 PM to 3 PM   (CST)

Session 3 - Professional Passion: Making a Difference in Dentistry  (2 hours)
Remember the day you became a licensed professional? The excitement to explore
new practice methods and make a difference was at an all-time high. Some of us
headed straight towards that path while others may have felt like they needed some
more resources or support to do so. Burnout is also a factor for many. However, you can rejuvenate your love for the career you once idealized and make a difference in


  • Determine different career pathways as an RDH or in Dentistry as a whole
    Learn how these different careers still impact the general public health and
    knowledge of the patient population
  • Gain resources to begin the process in exploring these new pathways
  • Learn to 'change-up' your clinical career, so while still in the op your practice model can do a 180 for better patient health outcomes


Sarah Clark, RDH, IPDH is a 2014 graduate of NHTI - Concord’s Community College’s Dental Hygiene program where she was awarded the Hu-Friedy Golden Scaler Award for Professionalism. Here, she graduated with high honors as a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and was the president of her class Student American Dental Hygienists’ Association chapter.

With a passion for advocacy, Sarah went on to volunteer for the Maine Dental Hygienists’ Association, eventually holding roles as Vice-President, President-Elect, and currently, President. Sarah is also the secretary for the 501c3 non-profit the National Network of Healthcare Hygienists (NNHH) and is the only original board member still  serving, besides the Executive Director, helping aid in the development of the network from day one.

Sarah currently works as a newsletter editor and CE facilitator for the company Dental
Toaster, which provides online CE access for dental professionals. She has also been
published in RDH Magazine, DeW Life Magazine, RDH Graduate, and others.

In February 2020, Sarah launched her own company, Sarah Clark, RDH - Dental Advancement Advocate - a rebrand of her former platform ‘Mindful Hygienist’. Here she creates informative and interesting CE presentations that share the messages of practicing at the top of the dental hygiene scope and achieving career satisfaction.

Sarah’s passions include helping the dental community advance current practice methods, advocating for programs that allow dental hygienists to practice independently or in non-traditional settings, and working towards career advancement.












Hampton Inn & Suites
Lincoln - Northeast I-80

7343 Husker Cir,
Lincoln, NE 68504



For participants outside of Omaha and Lincoln, we will be broadcasting the fall session over Zoom Web Conferencing. No special software is required - just your home computer. Zoom’s video conferencing quality and reliability means everyone has a seamless experience.

Due to the simplicity offered by CE Zoom, the NDHA will again be using CE Zoom for this year's fall session. With an account you can maintain your license information, track your continuing education effort against your specific states requirements, store of all your CE certificates in one place. The best part - it's FREE!

General Membership Meeting (Saturday)
The Association's general membership meeting not only provides the opportunity to meet the organization's leaders and conduct official business, but a chance to gather important information that will make your membership investment more valuable. This will give you a chance for both insightand input, as well as the opportunity to network with your peers!



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