Course Objectives:

  1. Define Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL).
  2. Recognize hearing protection devices (HPDs) available to dental professionals.
  3. Become familiar with OSHA standards for dB (decibel) levels in the workplace.
  4. Review timeline of dB levels with handpieces.
  5. Evaluate dB levels of noises often heard in dental settings.
  6. Participate in hearing test activity utilizing an application on smart phones.
  7. Gain insight on audiology assessments and follow up treatments.

The  course  description:

Hearing  loss  in  dentistry  is  truly  a   "silent topic"!   Most  dental professionals do not give noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) a thought when they are practicing in  an  environment with multiple devices having high pitched sounds.  This course will provide dental professionals information about the equipment they are using and noted decibel (dB) levels with which they are working. Additionally, attendees will review OSHA regulations surrounding dB levels and recognize how to protect themselves in their workplaces. Hearing protection devices (HPDs) are one of the ways to protect oneself from developing NIHL. Finally, attendees will be presented detailed information regarding audiology appointments; especially when is the right time to be tested for hearing loss. This is a unique class for dental professionals; one that everyone should attend due to the minimal exposure there is to this topic within the dental industry. You do not have to become an actor in a Verizon commercial saying, "Can you hear me? Can you hear me now?"


Angel.a Grover, BASDH has been involved in the dental industry as a private practice RDH since 1996. Recently, she began a career as a dental educator at Iowa Western Community College. Ms. Grover received her AAS in  dental hygiene  at  Central Community  College in  Hastings, Nebraska and her BAS in dental hygiene at Community College of Denver. Angela is a featured writer for TODAY'S RDH, where she has written numerous articles, including, Hearing Loss in  Dentistry:    A -Silent  Topic,  which was  her-first  published article. Ms. Grover  enjoys volunteering in dental missions and has been involved with a mission trip to Peru. She likewise grabs on to any opportunity to serve at Iowa Mission of Mercy and Nebraska Mission of Mercy outreach clinics with her students. She has also volunteered with Kids in Need of Dentistry in Denver, Colorado. Ms. Grover is a member of the American Dental Hygiene Association and the Nebraska Dental Hygiene Association.

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