ODHA CE – “Toothpaste Can’t Hurt My Teeth, Right?”

Feb. 21, 2019 Thursday
Security National Bank
101st and Pacific
Dr. Robert Bundy,DDS
2 CEU’s

“Toothpaste Can’t Hurt My Teeth, Right?”

This CE will cover a look at what RDA values really mean. It will also review the current and past research on the topic and what we should do as dental providers regarding informing our patients. There is a misunderstanding out there about what RDA is and what it means to our patients. The ADA says toothpaste with a RDA value below 250 is safe, but recent studies show that RDA values as low as 70 see increased erosion in the cervical region. The purpose is to explore what the RDA values are and how its calculated, why we use it in abrasives in toothpaste, discuss how we should be interpreting the RDA value and discuss what we should be telling our patients.


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