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Kyle Isaacs RDHEP, BHS is an expanded practice dental hygienist working in a variety of patient care settings in her home state of Oregon. She is passionate about serving the underserved – nursing homes, memory care facilities, schools, adult foster care homes, and private residences for patients who are not ambulatory.

In 2017 Kyle co-wrote a proposal for a pilot project to educate the staff employed at long-term care facilities and to provide preventative dental hygiene services. Kyle is an ADHA member, and proudly serves on the board of the Oregon Dental Hygienists Association. Kyle is a Young Clinical Representative and a professional educator for Waterpik. She is a published author in RDH Magazine and was recently recognized for her dedication to her profession as a 2017 SUNSTAR Award of Distinction recipient.

Work SMARTer


Silver Diamine Fluoride and Glass Ionomer Cement…

The wave of treating caries is here!

Description: Caries is the number one childhood disease that is completely preventable. Traditional approaches of drill, fill, and oral hygiene instruction are not working. For the most part, people residing in long-term care facilities are not receiving much if any oral care; no one is looking behind their lips to see the ravages of dental diseases. One thing that has been shown to change the caries rate is silver diamine fluoride. Using SDF to arrest the caries infection has been implemented around the world for over 80 years. More recently, the combination of silver diamine fluoride and glass ionomer cements together offers great options for a wide array of situations; this newer combination is called SMART.

Learning Objectives:

• Explain the history of SDF use and SMART, what populations are ideal for use, how to utilize it, and the science of SDF and glass ionomer cements.

• Be able to create an informed consent form for patients and caregivers to understand the benefits and post-op instructions

• Attendees will receive a copy of a consent form and access to a two-page copy of photographs to share with patients.

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