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Putting more heart into our art: The effective health history review

The way a health history review is conducted directly impacts the amount of new and accurate information that is conveyed between patient and practitioner. While recommendations regarding the frequency of health history reviews are variable, an ethical cornerstone of our practice is conducting a thorough verbal and written review of the patient’s health at the…
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Just try to stop us from helping people: A Chicago-born mantra

By Patti DiGangi, RDH, BS Almost every dental professional is required to hold current CPR/BLS certification. This was not always the case. The history of CPR/BLS certification is not as ancient as you might think. The emergency medical services (EMS) system developed rapidly between 1960 and 1973 because of the convergence of historical, medical, and social…
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Biotherapy and chemotherapy: Oral complications

There are life-saving treatments available for cancer and autoimmune disease, but they can often wreak havoc on the oral cavity. Here's an overview of common conditions, drugs, and side effects, and the role the dental hygienist plays in keeping these patients healthy. Chemotherapy and biotherapy have been the most common treatments available for cancer and…
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