Your Association Needs You!

State legislation and administrative regulations affect your career by determining how and where you can practice dental hygiene. The NDHA supports you and your interests at the the state level by making sure that legislators and decision makers are aware of your positions on practice issues ranging from direct access to scope of practice and reimbursement.

We work with state policy makers and stakeholders to promote policies that encourage increased availability of oral health care and to allow dental hygienists to practice to the full extent of their dental hygiene education and licensure.

The leadership of NDHA can't do it alone. We need you!

Grassroots Advocacy

It is very important that dental hygienists become familiar with Senators in the Nebraska Legislature. It is important that each one of us have contact with legislative candidates BEFORE they take office. Once Senators take office,  they go through and barely glance through items received from people they had never had contact with and they spend vital time on items from people that they have had previous communication with. As you can see, having a relationship established is crucial. That's why we want you to become a Contact Hygienist!

What is a Contact Hygienist?

A Contact Hygienist is a volunteer who is ready to keep Senators informed of the hygiene profession’s concerns and goals. NDHA keeps members informed of important issues, but the Contact Hygienist takes action to ensure our voice is heard through phone calls, FAXs, letters and personal visits to the policymaker.

It is important to build a relationship with your representative before you start sending letters and calling about issues. How can you establish a relationship? Take your legislative candidate out for coffee or a meal, volunteer to walk with them in a parade, or simply give them a call. They may not know all (or any) of the issues relating to dental hygiene, but when they are faced with a dental hygiene issue while in office, they know they have someone they can turn to for guidance on how proposed legislation would affect the people in back home.

Could I really be a Contact Hygienist?

Yes you can! If you think talking to a legislative candidate would be too intimidating, you’ve got to remember that these candidates are real, everyday people. Imagine if you were walking into a room full of people you don’t know who are ready to pounce on you about issues important to them. That would be intimidating! And that’s what we do not want to do. We want to establish a contact relationship with the candidate, not bombard them with issues. We want them coming to us for information when they need it.

Great candidates for this position would be a hygienist who:

  • Already has an established relationship with a Senator, be it a personal friendship, a professional association, or a campaign connection
  • Wants to become politically active and wishes to develop a contact relationship with a Senator
  • Has demonstrated their commitment to dental hygiene’s future by serving on the Executive Board or volunteered for other activities within the association

Nebraska Legislative Districts ' and NDHA Components

Breakdown of Legislative Districts by NDHA Components 



Are You Interested in Serving on a
Legislative Sub-Committee?

We’d love to hear from you and help you get the ball rolling! Your involvement CAN make the difference for all members of NDHA. If you are interested, fill out the application below or contact the Executive Director at (402) 421-2356 or

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