How to teach adolescents the importance of good oral hygiene

Your approach with this age group is crucial to building a foundation of oral hygiene habits. How well do you approach adolescents or teenagers on ways to improve their oral hygiene? The right approach is crucial so that they have the foundation to make their teeth outlast them. You must also factor in that this…
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Infographic: Dental care is safe and important during pregnancy

The Children's Dental Health Project is proud to join our national partners in releasing a new infographic (click on the image to open the full infographic) that encourages health professionals to coach women about the importance of oral health during pregnancy. Scroll down to access different versions of the infographic as well as "teaser" images you can use on Facebook, Twitter or…
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Ethical dilemma: Working with unethical or neglectful hygienists

Have you ever felt your heart sink when examining a colleague's patient because you see a mouth full of decay—but there's nothing on the patient's chart? This situation should be handled carefully to preserve the patient's relationship with the practice, as well as your relationship with your colleagues. Working with another hygienist can be an…
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