Why educating the entire team in oral cancer detection protocol is critical

Ensuring your entire team has the necessary education and training to follow and understand oral cancer detection protocols can be crucial to effective patient care. Imagine this: The doctor is doing his/her examination with a dental hygiene patient and discovers an area of concern while doing the oral cancer screening. Questions begin to swirl in…
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The not-so-boring truth about the rules for dental CE

When I hear the words “rules and regulations,” I instantly want to get in my jammies, grab a soft blanket, light a fire, and fall asleep. There is nothing in that phrase that makes me want to continue listening. However, when I hear the words “inactive license” or “license is in default,” my blood pressure…
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Common oral bacteria could treat troublesome illness

The discovery could help in alternative treatments for those with celiac disease. Researchers have isolated an enzyme from bacteria present in human saliva that has potential as a therapy for celiac disease (CD), an autoimmune disorder that causes severe digestive and other health problems among sufferers when they consume gluten.  An estimated three million people…
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