2017 Award Winners


2017 NDHA President, Ryan Rutar, pictured with NDHA Immediate Past President, Karen Fiala

Advocate of the Year - Cynthia Gaskill, RDH, MAE

Employer of the Year - Dr. Kevin Reiners

Dr. Reiners has created a supportive work place by allowing his door to always be open. He is not afraid to hear what a hygienist may have to offer, or shy away from new ideas that could increase the care in prevention for our patients. He shows an on going interest in putting prevention at the forefront of his practice by offering prevention products to help fight decay and giving us a hygiene assistant to insure quality care on the hygiene side. Prevention, maintenance, and encouragement are his core values with in the practice, and he walks the talk.
Dr. Reiners allows us to use the scope of our licensure to it's fullest. He insists on having high standards for himself and his hygienists. If he has new technology and tools to do his job, he expects his hygienist to have the same accommodations. He always gives to his staff as if they were family. He respects them by listening, caring, and going beyond what is asked of him to make sure we are all well taken care of. He prides himself on having a research based practice, and wanting hygienist to be strong preventive specialists.

Dental Hygienist of the Year - Lisa Moravec, RDH

Her first experience in serving the association was in dental hygiene school. Her love for the profession and association has grown ever since. These experiences include working as a full-time educator, in pursuing her Master’s degree in Dental Hygiene, attending ADHA’s Unleashing Your Potential weekend, and through the various leadership roles she has served at the local, state, and national level. She realized that being in a rural part of the state limited access to component and constituent meetings. So, she volunteered to start a new component, with board approval, and served as the first Panhandle Component President for 6 years. Then as NDHA Vice President she brought forth the idea and successfully hosted our first Fall Session using distance learning technology to increase access. She was honored to be selected to attend UYP and found this experience to be inspiring and empowering. Experiences on the component and constituent level gave her the courage and confidence to serve our state association as Constituent President and as Delegate, representing Nebraska at the national level. Last, but certainly not least is her experience on the ADHA Board of Trustees. These positions have all expanded her understanding of the interworking of the association and has allowed her to mentor others.
Moravec has experienced and interacted with all 7 professional roles, including clinician, corporate, public health, researcher, educator, administrator, and entrepreneur.


Community Service of the Year - Brie Mickelson

Brie has done a wonderful job of representing our profession and demonstrating a commitment to the betterment of oral health on multiple levels. Locally, Brie has served as PNDHA vice president from 2011-2012 and then PNDHA president from 2012-2014. Brie has served us on the state level as the NDHA alternate legislative delegate from 2012-2014 and NDHA 2nd Legislative Delegate from 2014-2015. Brie has served us on the national level as the ADHA institute for oral health liaison for Nebraska 2014-present. Brie has also been a member of ADHA, NDHA, and her local component since 2007 to present.
Brie has volunteered in leadership roles and advocating roles in the following areas: PNDHA vice president 2011-2012 PNDHA president 2012-2014 NDHA alternate delegate 2012-2014 NDHA 2nd Legislative Delegate 2014-2015 ADHA institute for oral health liaison for NE 2014-present Brie has shown examples in mentoring and volunteering in the following areas: -Dental education presentations in Kimball, NE in school and nursing home 2007-2010 -Dental education presentation most recently in Mitchell Elementary school presentation in 2016 -Brie has also volunteered at Mission of Mercy in the past.

Legislator of the Year - Senator Mark Kolterman

Senator Kolterman introduced LB901 into the 2016 legislative session. He was able to bring all three organizations together to agree on this legislation. This had not been able to be completed in the past. He took on this bill despite the possibility that there could have been a fight between the 3 stakeholders. Even though the bill was hijacked at the end of the session due in no part to its subject matter, but rather the timing of the session’s end and another Senator’s retaliation to his political enemies, Senator Mark Kolterman graciously promised to continue the efforts in 2017. He so far has carried out that promise with great consideration.
Senator Kolterman introduces LB901 in the 2016 that advanced the practice of dental hygiene in Nebraska by expanding the scope of practice for the Public Health Registered Dental Hygienist and creating a new level of dental hygiene practicioner by creating the expanded function registered dental hygienist. The expanded duties of this RDH includes restorative functions. This is an advanced for dental hygiene in Nebraska.
There has not been any other legislation entered by NDHA that Senator Kolterman has supported since his election in 2014.
Senator Mark Kolterman has supported dental Hygiene since his election in 2014 and the beginning of his term in 2015.
Senator Mark Kolterman graciously spent time talking with me at his fundraiser last fall. He listened to my concerns as a practicing hygiene and as the President of the association. He was our guest speaker at the NDHA 2016 Legislative workshop. At the workshop he shared his passion for the process of law making in Nebraska and he felt it was his duty to volunteer his time and business talents to the state of Nebraska. Senator Kolterman missed another important legislative event that evening to spend his time with the members of the association.

Student Awards

Outstanding Student-CCC - Shayla Novak
Outstanding Student-IWCC - Rosselyn Garcia
Outstanding Student-UNMC Lincoln - Tracy Herbst
Outstanding Student-UNMC West Division - Ashley Keim

NDHA Scholarship Recipient - Jessica Zimmerer