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How to get your patients to ramp up their oral hygiene efforts

By: Lynne H. Slim, RDH, MS I’ve been a refrigerator hygienist for many years. This nickname was given to nurses years ago and refers to nurses who go to work simply to pay for a specific item or a vacation. They work to provide for their families, and if the family doesn’t need the extra cash,…
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Dental hygiene career inspiration: The power of the RDH in 5 Ws (and a how)

WHAT ARE THE POSSIBILITIES FOR DENTAL HYGIENISTS? To answer that question, let’s pull out a tool you probably remember from grade school—the Five Ws and Sometimes How (i.e., who, what, when, where, why, and how). The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the relationship of oral health to systemic health and why RDHs are the ideal professionals for management…
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How to take patients and your CE ‘back to school’

IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN—the smell of fresh pencils and school bus diesel is in the air. With that comes the rush of parents trying to get their kids into our offices before or just after school begins. This is wonderful for the business side of dentistry, but scheduling may become hectic and you…
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Think Beyond the Prophy: A dental hygienist finds peace on outreach missions

For this installment of Think Beyond the Prophy, we are highlighting Jennifer Hasch, RDH, BS. Jennifer is an RDH on a mission for public health advocacy. She is a graduate from University of Louisville School of Dentistry, a public health dental hygienist at a federally qualified health center, and hygiene coordinator for an outreach charity clinic.…
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