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MCNA Regional Provider Training Seminar Schedule

MCNA is hosting online webinars and in-person morning and afternoon seminars throughout the month of August and September 2017. Attached is the Training Seminar flyer, you may also visit their website at or call Provider Hotline at 1-844-353-6262 to RSVP. You may RSVP by sending the following information via email to Your Name (or Contact Person) Number of…
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Barriers in dental team building: What are the on-the-job expectations?

If you’re a dental professional who has been in the workforce for any length of time, you have more than likely come across issues in communication, leadership, and motivation. Not only can issues arise in the professional world but also in our social circles—conflict is a part of life. However, having barriers in the dental…
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Access to care: What can dental hygienists do to improve access?

Access to care has been a population-wide problem since the beginning of dental hygiene. Even as late as the mid-20th century, during World War II, the failure of having fewer than six opposing teeth was the most common cause of military deferral.(1) In the early 20th century, prevention began to be recognized as an important concept,…
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Putting more heart into our art: The effective health history review

The way a health history review is conducted directly impacts the amount of new and accurate information that is conveyed between patient and practitioner. While recommendations regarding the frequency of health history reviews are variable, an ethical cornerstone of our practice is conducting a thorough verbal and written review of the patient’s health at the…
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